August 1-2017

Largest Chinook : 50lbs.
Largest Halibut : 77lbs.

The fishing is about par for this time of year, a high pressure system has moved in and tides have lightened which have spread out the Salmon quite a bit, the task now is to hunt for the bites.  Areas that have had great fishing are #8 on the outside of Rennison Island, Turtle Rock remains a solid bet and Area 51 has been probably the most consistent for quantity.  The big guys still are holding up in the Honey Hole area, yesterday the first 50 of the year was caught right in the back corner and previous to that a 41 at Sailor Rock.  Anchovies and spoons have been doing most of the work out there, again green remains the optimal color for terminal tackle.

Halibut fishing as well has remained about average, Duckers and Mcphee have been the most consistent producers of good size Halibut on the map.  We have had fairly windy conditions so bottom fishing has been pretty minimal.