August 11-2017

Largest Chinook : 51lbs.
Largest Halibut : 49lbs.

Apparently big tides bring in big fish, or continue to do so. Past few days have been epic for the hogs.  20 Tyee brought in this group, 1-50, 4-40 and remainder in the 30's not too mention a ton in the high 20's kept to fill the boxes.  #4(Nob Hill) to #5(Ulric Point) was especially good on a heavy ebbing tide, #2(Sailor Rock) was also the place to sit to nab some big fish as it has been for most of the season.  Green or White Flashers and Green Teaser Heads have been the most productive by far.  The big tides have really piled up the bait on the north facing walls in the area such as the Honey Hole and tope end of Aristazabal Island. 

With a lot of good comes some bad, the halibut fishing was only fair this trip in comparison to the past few weeks which was on fire.  Tough holding the lines down and keeping a good drift over the popular spots.  Still some beauties brought in just not as crazy as it has been on milder tide swings. 

Pretty jaw dropping few days here, let's see how long it can keep it up.