August 12-2011

Largest Chinook : 42lbs.
Largest Halibut : 50lbs.

I hate sounding like a broken record but don't mind if that record is one of the greats.  The fishing continues to be awesome, the consistancy in the Chinook fishing has been remarkable.  The average size is considerably better then in weeks prior and the amount of tyees has grown.  A good deal I think is because the herring decided to finally revisit our area attracting these big Chinook.  For most of the season, faster and flashy approaches were used to attract a chinook bite by imitating the size of forage in the area, usually small needlefish.  Now that large bait fish are in the area, the old school cutplugging approach is working by far better then dragging spoons.  A good slow presentation with perfect role is definitely the most productive method in tying into a monster Chinook.   Along with the change in tactics, a reversal in the fish areas has happened.  The honey hole and nob hill area which have been void of life for the bulk of the summer, is alive with bait and in turn salmon.  A good portion of the tyees were taken from the very back of the honey hole, close to the tide changes.  The Coho are still thick, guests are catching upto 40 a day around the 9/10 pound range with the occasional teenager being landed.

The halibut fishing has still been good in the Parker Passage and Tuzo Island areas.  The size on average especially for our area for this entire year is much bigger.  Generally the average size being brought in now is 15-30 pounds with a real honest possibility of a big guy if you put in the time.