August 14-2010

Largest Chinook : 55lbs.
Largest Halibut : 67lbs.

The first part of this trip was rather slow, Northwesterly winds in upwards of 50 mph hit us for the first two days and really limited most of the fishing area, hence catches were pretty small.  So needless to say with this trip, not much bottomfishing was done.  However in the latter part of the trip, the fish started showing up with greater frequency at the various hotspots.  Hick's Channel was one of the better producers of huge Chinook and also #7(South Rennison Island).  The nice thing about fishing for the past few days was, if you got one on it was probably "BIG".  The Coho fishing has picked up on the East Side of Rennison Island, still not the heaviest year for the Coho but this is the story coast wide.  Yet there is enough around to fill your salmon limit with relative ease.  The best method lately has been cut plugging, teh water is crystal clear and it seems the best approach is the most natural one.

The Halibut as well have been in short supply, another coast wide trend.  You will get them but you have to invest a great deal of time to do so.  #1 tie up has still been the best producer.