August 14-2012

Largest Chinook : 65lbs.
Largest Halibut : 78lbs.

The Chinook fishing is still running strong. Having a lesser amount of Coho around then in past years has made room for the Chinook to be actively feeding in the area.  The Chinook are still running as big as we have ever seen.  Still the odds of landing a Tyee are as good as ever and absolute monsters have came in to the dock, the biggest being 65 pounds caught off Beaver Point.  The Far Side, Preacher Rock, and number 7 have been the apparent hot spots, but other areas such as Hog Heaven and Honey Hole are showing promise with some dandy Tyees coming in from there.  The Coho are also running thick up at Wall Island and depending on tides, Beaver Point and Number 7.  TRolling anything seems to be working from spoons to cutplug herring, the fish are aggressively feeding when they come into the area. 

The offshore fishing for Snapper and Lingcod has been fairly slow as the tides have not been condusive to the fishing, although the Halibut fishing has been incredible just outside the lodge in Borrowman Bay.  A great deal of 40 plus pounders have been landed out there and they havebeen moving in as far as the boat docks.