August 14-2013

Largest Chinook : 43lbs.
Largest Halibut : 100lbs.

The fishing continues on and the Chinook are still rolling in.  Every group through camp this year has had their day of success and nothing has changed, in fact the last few days have been the best seen in the past month.  43 pounds being the biggest but there were 9 more caught in the high 30's and all within a 24 hour period.  The Coho are still offering up some good action but still are averaging about 8 pounds, a little dissappointing as we thought the average would be early teens.  None the less the bites come on and guys are catching fish.  Pulling cutplug to flasher hoochies combos are all working.  THe honey hole to number 5 and Wall Island have been the best bites in the past few days.

The weather has been flat as well and offering up some of the best bottomfishing of the season so far.  Big lings are showing up on top of the rocks which typically happens this time of year, as well as good size snapper and giant halibut.  Another 100 pounder was released yesterday along with an 80 and slight overizers.  Great days.