August 15-2014

Largest Chinook : 47lbs.
Largest Halibut : 66lbs.

Fishing is still strong, the big Chinook are still moving through as we had a coupld over 40 the last couple of days and the Coho are phenomenal.  The size of Coho are huge getting upto 18 pounds and hitting everywhere you drop a hook.  The tides were huge so any places that had salmon hit very quick and then would move on.  Offshore fishing for salmon gave fishermen a good mix of both bottom and salmon, inside the honey hole still gave up some big Tyees and the that whole shoreline from Sailor Rock to Ulric Point was the most consistent.  Trolling spoons down 60-90 feet with dummy flashers or daisy chains worked best, but the salmon were also grabbing up slower trolled cutplug herring.

The halibut and cod fishing was awesome, Wells Rock, Isnor and Funky Flats gave up some great fish and Yates to Janion Rock was also very good.

Weather is supposed to hold for the next few days and the past few have been amazing.