August 16-2011

Largest Chinook : 44lbs.
Largest Halibut : 72lbs.

Fishing this past couple of days was work for a change.  There was a pretty big dump of rain and I think the salmon smelt it and went on vacation.  The bites were still good at times, just in relation to the rest of the summer not quite as good.  The Chinook fishing was probably best in Kettle Inlet and the Honey Hole.  Still the big boys seem to favour the point as you go into the honey hole or number 2 on the map.  Pretty much all the big fish came from that spot.  The Coho at times and in certain place were phenonmenal.  South of the lodge especially.  Guys were hauling in 30 to 40 in an afternoon.  Everything seemed to work from bait to spoons and at all depths.  The halibut fishing is still good in Parker Passage and off the Kettle Inlet buoy.