August 18-2010

Largest Chinook : 48lbs.
Largest Halibut : 46lbs.

The last few days were quite possibly the nicest days we have had here since we have opened up.  Calm, warm and sunny.  The fishing was great as well, especially in the Chinook department.  The Chinook that were brought in were huge, over 14 tyees in 3 days and 3 were in the high 40's.  Probably some of the best Chinook fishing we have had this time of year since I have been here.  Most were caught trolling cutplug or Pro Trolls with medium size bait, again the reasoning would be that the water is phenomenally clear and in some spots you can see 70 feet down to the bottom.  The Coho action has been about average, nothing crazy like 2009 but enough action to pick and choose some of the bigger ones to throw in the box.  Still the size is down, we are averaging around 8 to12 pounds right now, when historically they have been usually averaging in the low teens. 

The bottomfishing was great offshore, lots of good size Snapper and Lingcod were pulled off the Evans rock area and around Isnor Rock as well.  Halibut are still in short supply it seems, for the past few weeks they have been a real challenge to catch.  The best action has been off the south end of Anderson Islands(chicken size halis 10-20 pounds) and still the occasional big one coming off the #1 tie up.