August 18-2015

Largest Chinook : 43lbs.
Largest Halibut : 80lbs.

Fishing has remained fabulous.  Highlight of the last trip was all the big Coho that hit us up at number 5.  Probably some of the biggest on average fish we have seen in recent years, 10- 15 plus pound Coho and 8 over 30 pound Chinook.  Action was had all day on the water in some of the nicest water conditions possible.  The last day the wind picked up and it was a tad uncomfortable at our favorite spots like number 5 and the honey hole but jags of fish still came in.  Still running bait seemed to be the best but with all the action boats are moving to artificial lures such as party girl spoons or flasher hoockie combos.  Trolling 35 to 55 feet was the optimal depth, we have had some guys bucktailing but it hasn't been all that effective.  The fish seem to be a little deeper then what is typical around this time of the year. 

The hali fishing was about average, a good deal were brought in from Parker Passage drifting and the guys had some good luck at Russel Banks and Woods Shoal as well.  Bottomfishing was better then usual, some boats went off to Aranzazu which is a little bit of a run but it paid off with some really nice lingcod, snapper and halibut.

Great trip again and hopes are that it keeps up that way until the end of the season.