August 18-2017

Largest Chinook : 40lbs.
Largest Halibut : 160lbs.

The fishing continues through be a big fish year through mid August.  We are on a one month stretch of the biggest fish we have seen in a decade.  The Tyee count is the highest it's perhaps ever been.  Every trip since end of July we have averaged 5 Tyee a day, everyday.  The past few days, number 5 and 13 have been the hotspot and #4 a close second, where I watched a boat haul out something over 40 this morning.  Also keeper size is visibly larger as well with most being in the 20 pound range.  The number of Chinook is dwindling in comparison to June to mid July but the quality of fish is outstanding.  The Coho are around but the bigger Northerns seem to be coming in from Area 51 or number 5.  13 has had the best bites for sheer numbers.  The weather has been kind of uncharacteristic for August, generally we get calm, hot and fog but this year there has been more storm cells coming through with wind and rain, which depending on their duration has brought in new Chinook runs or pushed Coho up the local creeks or rivers.  Trolling anchovies with a flasher remains the main method in all areas for a successful catching day.

Halibut fishing has been great as usual this year with the mild tides experienced.  Seems like doesnt matter where you drop something in hungry.  The bottom fishing for Lingcod offshore is defintiely on the up and up as well, just access is limited with the stormcells coming through the area.