August 2-2011

Largest Chinook : 45lbs.
Largest Halibut : 48lbs.

All I can say is wow.  Another eventful trip, for once this summer the weather was as close to perfect as you could get which allowed everyone to explore wherever they wanted.  The Chinook brought in this week were what we were waiting for, a good portion of the catch(which was close to a full limit of salmon for the group) were above 25 pounds with above average amounts of Tyee size landed.  Being as calm as it was, lots of boats headed south of Kettle Inlet to explore new holes and as expected they did find a few.  The best being "Funky Rock" a spot about 10 minutes south of Kettle Inlet.  Four over 40 have been brought in from this area and countless other springs.  Kettle Inlet and Borrowman Bay have been consistantly pumping out the Chinook still, quite a few large fish have been brought in from there as well.  Biggest being 45 pounds.  Hicks Channel and the Honey Hole are showing signs of life finally.  Quite a few Chinook and big Coho were brought in from those areas.  The top end of Rennison Island still offers the best action for Coho of all sizes. Everything seemed to work this trip, spoons, protrolls and cutplug all did fantastic.  Still some of the more favoured patterns are Army Truck, Party Girl and chrome patterned, but some of the Tomic Spoons such as UV and Pilchard Pattern are doing really well.

Bottomfishing was phenomenal offshore, Towner banks brought in a great deal of limits for half the fishermen.