August 2-2015

Largest Chinook : 51lbs.
Largest Halibut : 54lbs.

The big ones keep rolling through, 20 tyees caught last trip with the biggest being a shade over 50#.  The honey hole(3) and sailor rock(2) were by far the best spots to land these lunkers.  Most of the fish brought in were over 20 pounds and the coho are substantially bigger then years past, most kept were double digit in size with a few breaking the 15# barrier.  Trolling our finest herring in these areas has been by far the best method for hook ups.  Down 30-60 feet with teaser heads or protrolls generally chartreuse has been the best flavour.  There was a good jag of fish from Ulric Point brought in as well(5), the Coho up there seem to be a little bigger and a lot hungrier then the rest of the area.  Top end of Rennison Island is showing some promise for new fish moving in as well.  Tides have been quite big over the past couple of days so it seems that when it is running hard the salmon bite does turn off for a while until the next slack tide comes.

Halibut fishing has been fairly consistent in Parker Passage, again if you are looking for a limit it does take some time to do so.  Bottom fishing remains fairly spotty however a couple boats ventured off to Towner Banks and slayed some monster lings and snapper.  The trend has been that it takes a great deal of effort to find them but once you do they are in good numbers.

Again great trip, lots of fish and looking forward to the next few days.