August 2-2018

Largest Chinook : 40lbs.
Largest Halibut : 150lbs.

Well "Hog"ust is definitely upon us. The weather has changed to overcast with some precipitation and along with the change so did the fishing. July proved to be very trying for weather, hot, sunny and breezy. Not the best conditions for water or the most attractive environment for salmon. As of yesterday, we had some rain and the skies remain cloudy throughout the day. As expected with the pressure drop, we started nailing some big fish, 8 over 30 in the past 2 days with 2 topping out at 40 pounds. The Coho seem to be a little more prevalent in the area as well, average size from 8 -12 pounds. It's still work out there but you keep to our hog spots and eventually you get some good fish. Sailor Rock, #14, Ryan's Hole. Honey Hole and Arnie's have had some great fish brought out. Darkside and Area 51 have also been fairly productive if you catch the tide right. The herring is thick out there now and the fish are aggressively feeding when the bite starts and fairly wide spread all over the map. Still anchovy seems to be working better then the rest, but some anglers are opting for big Tomic spoons and flasher hoochie setups. Really great to see the area light up again.

Halibut fishing remains very consistent in Borrowman Bay and off Tuzo Island in Park Passage. Big problem is catching a small enough keeper, 4 over 100 pounds have been caught in the past few days and released, along with a slew of 50 plus pound fish.

Weather is supposed to get pretty nasty tomorrow, lots of wind and precipitation so that should bring in more of the Coho into the area.