August 21-2009

Largest Chinook : 55lbs.
Largest Halibut :
August 3

Yet another action packed trip full of Coho fishing which are getting more numerous and larger.  The average size is around 13 pounds, and most have been caught on the east side of Rennison Island, mainly due to strong NW winds.  The Honey Hole was pretty messy but did produce some nice fish, the largest being 45 pounds.  The bottomfishing has been inexistent due to the strong winds.

August 8

The big ones have arrived.  The Chinook fishing for the past has been fair as far as quantity goes but the quality is fantastic.  Every Chinook caught has a 50/50 chance of being a Tyee.  The majority have come in from Parker Passage and the Honey Hole.  

The Coho have slowed a little which could be the result of some major rainfall in the area.  The thought is that a good portion of the Coho have started to run up the river with the new outpouring of fresh water.  

Most of the bigger salmon have been caught at 20 to 30 pulls.