August 22-2014

Largest Chinook : 42lbs.
Largest Halibut : 100lbs.

The fishing has been reallty active.  The Coho fishing specifically has been awesome.  Great size, fighting hard and lots of them. Pretty much anything you toss at them they bite although a Green UV spoon and whole herring has been working awesome.  Depth has been variable dependant on spot fished.  Hot spots have been #5, Nob Hill, Otter Rock(west side of Rennison) and the Honey Hole also gave aup a few big Chinook. 

The Halbut fishing at Wells Rock has continued to be incredible, multiple 50 plus pound fish have been caught and a few approaching and over 100 pounds released in the past few days.

Weather was great so lets just say the ling and snapper didn't stand a chance.  Guests were keen to get out into the open and man was there a harvest.  Munroe Shoal, Towner Bank and Turnip Patch were good stops.