August 23-2010

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 30lbs.

The long wait for Coho has finally paid off.  With pretty scratchy Coho catches through out the summer, we thought we may not get a really good shot at some big Northern Coho, but they have arrived.  The past couple of days offered a great deal of excitement for fishermen out on the top end of Aristazabal Island and Knob Hill.  The Coho were thick and a good deal of them were surface feeding offering bucktailers some great action on their flyrods.  The Chinooks are still being caught amongst them as well, a few big guys have been pulled in from the "Farside" and the "Honey Hole".  Again cutplugging seemed to be the best approach for all salmon fishing.

The bottomfishers in camp benefited from the flat water on the first few days of the trip.  Fantastic catches of Lingcod and Snapper were brought in from Cliffe Rock and Evans Rock.  The Halibut have still been a little elusive, but the better fishing was had out in Parker Passage at tie up #8.  A good storm cell has poured through in the later part of this trip which should stir things up and bring even more migrating Coho runs into the area.