August 23-2013

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 250lbs.

Yeah you seen it right.  The trophy halibut fishing this year has been awesome.  Another coupld of 100 pound releases and a 250# yesterday has proved that maybe throwing these big mamas back is the way to go.  The fish was caught out at Spencer Bank by Corinne Holowaychuk with Colin Pinneo as a guide.  Having landed fish in the 150# range in the past he said this was a site to see as it dwarfed the rest.  With some quick measurements and the help of a few other guides witnessing the even within a few feet away.  They got the fish between 76 and 81 inches which would put it somewhere in the range of 230-280 pound range. Monster fish, i'll get the pictures up as soon as I get a good connection.

The Coho and Chinook are getting better as we speak, we had trollers in the area for the past week and they really took away the bite.  But with some good weather and colder water temperatures, we are back to normal end of August fishing with lots of Coho, some nice Chinook and great ling and hali fishing.  The guys on the water are trolling a little deeper then in years past, not uncommon to have a flasher hoochie set up set at 70 feet off the northern parts of Rennison and Aristazabal.  We have also been slaying coho and springs offshore around wells rock and the fishing is picking up south of the lodge in Kettle and FuNkY rOcK. 

Great few days left of an overal great season...hope everyone is ready for 2014 as it is forecast to be a stellar run for Chinook.