August 26-2014

Largest Chinook : 23lbs.
Largest Halibut : 90lbs.

A few days left in the season and the fishing could not be hotter. The Coho are biting at all points north of the lodge.  Ulric Point and Otter Rock have been incredible.  Trolling 602 hoochies or cutplug really doesn't seem to matter, these fish are incredibly aggressive and coming through in droves.  Average size is still 10-13 pounds with quite a few above.  Springs are still found in small pockets, generally a by catch when Coho Fishing.

The Halibut fishing remains incredible at Wells Rock.  Still 50's like crazy.  The ling cod are also congregating on the rocks and it is now hard to find a cod under 36", on more then one occasion the fishermen have had to chase off 40-50 pound lings from attacking there 15 lb lings beside the boat.  Great dilemma to have.

Weather looks good for the next few days.  Should be a great finale to another great season.