August 28-2015

Largest Chinook : 34lbs.
Largest Halibut : 55lbs.

Thelast trip of the year has passed and it ended on a good not.  The first day posed many challenges as a huge storm rolled through with lots of rain and wind and turned the bite off fairly dramatically.  However the sun came out and wind died down and it was back to fantastic fishing as usual.  Chinook were still being brought in and the Coho came back in thick.  Number 5 again was the top spot but by the end of the trip some great bites were had at #2 and Arnie's hole for good size Chinook.  We have fished a few times on breakdown and landed springs in the evening at Arnie's.

The halibut fishing turned on pretty heavy, by far the best of the season for shear quantity.  Russel Banks and the Turnip patch doled out numerous halis in the 25-35 range.  Bottomfishing also was great off Isnor and Wells Rock.

A great end to the year and a good time was had.