August 5-2016

Largest Chinook : 53lbs.
Largest Halibut : 55lbs.

Well "Hog"ust has arrived right on schedule.  The big fish are roaming the area right now, 3 over 50 were caught in the past 4 days and 8 over 40 in the past week.  Numbers in our close fishing area are definitely down, but all the big guys were caught within it.  Honey Hole and Sailor Rock as always were the places to be for latching into a pig.  As far as we can figure it is about a 1 in 3 chance if you hook one it will be over 30 pounds.  It is a grind and I won't lie, but as you know we fish hard and usually get some great results.  For quantity we have been travelling to Area 51 where the fishing is about as good as it can get.  Pulling limits in a 3 hour period of fishing is not a problem whatsoever, all the fish are 18-28 pounds and when the tide pushes the bait through we get em all.  Usually a Tyee a day is coming in from over there.   Coho right now are a rarity, some say the amount of pinks in the area have something to do with it and others feel they just haven't moved in yet because of the lack of rain from the high pressure system that has been sitting over top of us for the last 10 days.  Halibut fishing remains great, big ones still coming in from Parker Passage and Clint's Spot in Caamano Sound.

Flasher anchovy set ups remain the best angle of attack for all Chinook, kind of a pain when you get into the pinks but effective in the hog holes.

Weather has been fairly windy and dry and looks to continue for the next few days, can't believe I am saying it but praying for a little rain at this point.