August 6-2017

Largest Chinook : 55lbs.
Largest Halibut : 160lbs.

In the famous words of C.B. Fishmaster.....THE HOGS ARE IN!

The past few days have been momentus, start of August was a little shaky mainly due to windy conditions, but that wind blew a blast of huge Chinook and Halibut are way.  Over the past 5 days we have brought in and released over 25 Tyee, largest being 55 and a few close seconds.  Number 2(Sailor Rock) has been the best for monster Chinook but the rest have been caught in various places of the area.  Area 51 brought in several and has a vast quantity of teenage to early 20 pound fish, Honey Hole the numbers are lower but it is almost a 50-/50 shot at whatever you get is gonna be a hog.  Number 5, 7 and Arnie's hole have given up there share of Tyee as well.  Most caught on anchovy to mimic the bait in the area but the biggest were caught on whole herring in a pro troll.

Halibut fishing has been awesome at Tuzo, big and bad are the flatfish but 300 feet down.  Chicken sized have been coming out of Borrowman Bay on a regular basis.

Incredible past few days and getting better by the minute.