August 7-2011

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 60lbs.

Summer has definately arrived.  The weather is warm and the sky is clear.  August has been off to a good start in regards to action on the water.  The Coho salmon are thick in the area, still averaging between 9 to 12 pounds.  The Chinook fishing has been pretty good in the regular hot spots but still lack in expected size.  We have been waiting for the big hawgs to roll in and so far we have only seen spurts of what should be monter Chinook.  Hopefully they are making their way across the strait so we can have a whack at them.  The hot spots remain the same, Kettle Inlet, Borrowman Bay and Funky Rock(south of the lodge) have been the best spots for size and quantity.  Arnie's Hole and the Darkside have also been favoured locations for hunting Tyees.  Still down 35 feet on the riggers pulling away with spoons and plugs has been the most productive for generating action in the boat.  Bait was still being run and has produced probably larger on average fish but not nearly as many.  Favorite spoon patterns now are watermelon, mongoose, party girl and pearl.

The weather has been fairly choppy so offshore fishing has been kept to a minimal, we did have one good afternoon to burn out to the snapper grounds and again everyone creamed them out there.  Limits of snapper and lingcod were brought in from Towner and Aranazu Banks with relative ease.  The halibut fishing has been increasingly getting better offshore as well.  On the inside the Kettle Inlet and Parker Passage buoys have been the better tie ups for chicken size halibut(15-20 pounds).