August 8-2015

Largest Chinook : 61lbs.
Largest Halibut : 47lbs.

Big, big and bigger are how the fish keep moving in to our waters.  Just when you think it can't get better then it was, it does.  Monsters keep rolling through.  Over 20 tyees this trip with the two biggest being 50 and 61.  The fish are big, long and strong almost unbelievable at this point.  Every morning we are in awe of some of these huge fish that keep rolling in.  Average size is remarkable as well, 20 plus pounds for most people are being kept.  Again Sailor Rock(#2) to the Honey Hole(#3) has been home to the majority of big guys out there.  A couple were caught up at #5(Ulric Point) and most of the Coho have been caught at the top end of the islands along with the east side of Rennison Island.  Some of the old spots like Beaver Point and Arnie's hole are becoming active again so the fish patterns may be changing. 


Trolling bait has again been by far the best route for catching the big Chinook, whether using anchovys in a teaser head or pulling herring in protrolls or teaser head, you can guarantee each boat always has one side down with a piece of meat on the hook.


Halibut fishing is well.....slow.  Bottomfishing....same.  Unfortunately the ground fishing has been getting leaner and leaner with every trip.  The better spots that have been fished has been Towner Bank.  Also with the Salmon fishing being as good as it is, a great deal of people are concentrating most of their efforts looking for trophies while they are in the area.  This is definitely contributing to the smaller ground fish catches.


Fishing is remarkable, if you look back in our reports, 2010 was a BIG year for us although the salmon runs were lean that year.  This season we are getting the best of both worlds and I think it has to do with water conditions and the survival rate of the runs that season.  The fishing should keep to the same pace for the rest of August.