August 9-2010

Largest Chinook : 41lbs.
Largest Halibut : 79lbs.

This past few days have been great.  The salmon bite was awesome and the weather was unbelievable.  Being so calm, the guys could get out and hit spots which have been great producers in the past.  The West Side of Rennison Island proved to be one of the spots that produced quite a few nice Chinook and some good size Coho.  Ryan's Hole was still good and some of the open parts on Moore Island produced some great Chinook as well.  The method that seemed to be the best for catching the larger Chinook was by far cut plugging, mooching at 15 pulls.  Just like the good old days.  The waters in the area have really cleaned up(very little algae left) and the bait fish has poured into our area, hence why we think the cut plugs have been so effective in the past few days.  The Coho are still ranging from 9 to 13 pounds with the occasional 15 pounder coming in.  The Chinook have been a fair size, lots in the mid 20's and quite a few Tyees with a couple in the 40's.

The Bottomfishing was great these past few days.  Good jags of Snapper, Lingcod and big Halibut were brought in off Evans Rock.  The tie ups have still been producing some fair size halibut, especially at the #1 tie up.