July 1-2013

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 50lbs.

The salmon fishing was still great.  The Coho have kind of taken over and it got to the point that we werehaving a hard time finding Chinook through them.  However areas like Hog Heaven and the Darkside have been void of Coho so some beauties were brought out of there.  Everything is working right now, from cutplugging to spoons to plugs.  It really is right time right place for the big Chinook.  The top end of the islands are still plugged with Coho, the bigger ones are coming off from number 5.

The halibut fishing is still awesome at Parker Passage, drifting in about 240 feet with a whole herring is still one of the best methods.  The bottomfishing has been fairly localized to Wells Rock.  Most of the other areas remain kind of barren lately.  Still limits of Snapper and Lingcod are coming in with relative ease from Wells which is a short run from the salmon grounds.