July 1-2016

Largest Chinook : 31lbs.
Largest Halibut : 74lbs.

Sorry for the suspense fellow anglers.  Some technical difficulties but now we are back in action.

What sums up the year so far is that the salmon fishing has been consistent.  Rain or shine doesn't seem to matter the fish are biting.  Everyday has been good fishing in the same spots for the past few weeks.  If you stick it out in the spots that have been hitting you will get excellent fishing at some point.  The same areas, Borrowman Bay, Ryan's Hole and Farside all have had incredible fishing everyday on certain tides.  Venturing out to find greener grass has rarely paid off, aside from some boats going south to Funky Rock.  The fish seem to be bigger size by far in the hot spots averaging 15-25 with a few beefy tyees in the mix.  Number 5 is starting to show signs of Coho, still pretty scarce but more and more are coming in weekly.  Biggest today was 12 pounds which is a hog for this time of year.  Gear used now is more and more spoons(small irish cream 3.5"), protrolled herring and anchovies.  The anchovy use is starting to ween out a little and more and more time is spent pulling gear around.

Halibut fishing remains consistent as well, it is not as hot and heavy as was seen during the bigger tides back around a week ago when the full moon phase was peaked but the average size still remains around 30-60 pounds.  Well's Rock and Pinnacle remain the best spots to catch the bigger fish.

Bottomfishing is "OKAY" a little bit of a grind out there and the fish are being found deeper then usual, like 300-400 feet.