July 10-2017

Largest Chinook : 42lbs.
Largest Halibut : 324lbs.

The weather has continued to be extremely mild, light winds and blue skies have again given us a good idea of what kind of fishing is going on in Caamano Sound.  We almost never want the summer to end...almost.  The fishing along with the weather has been great but different from what was had in Juen and early July.  The areas giving the best bites are Knob Hill to Ulric Point.  On an ebbing tide especially in the morning, the bait is ripping past the top of Aristazabal and all species of Salmon are feeding heavy on it.  The is different from in June where most of the bait was holding in the Honey Hole on a flood tide.  The moon is in full phase and tides during the night have been high and the nights have been clear and light, which probably could be associated with the heavy feeding first thing in the morning.  McPhee and Dupont Island have also had some great fishing of combined Chinook and big Coho.  Everything is working on the fish, anchovy used to be the go to for every boat, but the nature of the heavy feeding basically means everything is working you just gotta be there, spoons, plugs whatever.

Halibut fishing has been stupid, big and bigger is all I can say.  Don't matter where you drop it seems you can't shake off the monsters.  8 over 100 in the past week, 1 over 200 and 1 which was 84" long and based on the weight chart was over 300# and right off the Pinnacle Buoy out front of the lodge. 

Bottom fishing for ling and snapper remains steady, ling is definitely a little more challenging buit guys are getting them offshore fairly regularly.

Forecast is again mild for the next few days, really looking forward to it and fingers crossed it stays that way.