July 10-2018

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 155lbs.

Well the weather is probably the nicest we have seen in a decade. One of the longest stints(over 3 weeks now) of calm water and hot temperatures. In that it has not created the best water conditions(algae blooms) for salmon fishing on the inshore waters. The tides have been fairly small as well so the water is not turning over as much as we would like to create a good fishing climate. Salmon fishing in our regular tight spots has slowed down quite a bit, the bites have become fairly short and often spread out on the shorelines. Offshore on the other hand out at the Ling and Halibut spots is teaming with life and great water conditions. The fleet on nice days(which we have had lots of) opts to go out there for sheer quantity of both Chinook and Coho. The water is colder and cleaner, and full of bait. Aranzazu Banks and Spencer Banks have offered some of the best fishing in the area, not too mention that the halibut and lingcod fishing out there is the best imaginable. The weather is forecast to have some stronger winds from the North which usually cleans up the water in the area and the hopes are that these fish will start to move in a little tighter to shore for easier access.

Best approach is still anchovy and flashers most of the time, if fishing areas like 5 and 13 going deep like down to 100' at times has been most effective. Inshore they are getting the bigger ones in the honey hole area at around 50-70 feet.