July 11-2015

Largest Chinook : 34lbs.
Largest Halibut : 90lbs.

The salmon fishing has been great once again.  Consistent catches throughout the day at various locations throughout our fishing grounds.  The Honey Hole continues to spit out the biggest of the fish at the back end which has been nicknamed "Clint's Favorite Spot", Arnie's Hole has produced a lot of nice springs at specific points of the high tide, number 16 to 13 has also been really consistent for Chinook catches.  Number 5 has had incredible bites all day long for all salmon.  The Coho fishing has been fantastic as well, biggest of the trip was 14 pounds and a great deal were in the double digits.  Trolling pro trolled herring, anchovy, various spoons(which seem to change by the day) and flasher hoochie combos have all worked.  The water has started to murk up in areas so some of the old school spoons like water melon and wonder bread have started to work. 


Halibut fishing has heated up to, not to take credit but one of the best spots has been just on the outside of Parker Passage known now as "Clint's Secret Spot", it's not secret but we have pulled out some really nice halibut off there in the past few days. 


Bottom fishing has been minimal for the past few days due to the wind being just a little too strong to go out and fish comfortably.