July 11-2016

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 40lbs.

It has been a wet few days, some low pressure systems ran through the area and dampened the fishing a bit.  The rainy weather sent the run of Chinook we had on our last trip on their way to other grounds and slowed the fishing quite a bit.  The good news is that in the past day we have seen a new run start to move in of larger fish, lots in the mid to high twenties which haven't been seen this year as of yet.  Fishing grounds are starting to change a little as well, Farside is still fairly conisistent for catches and Borrowman Bay probably the best, but Sailor Rock and number 5 are starting to pick up steam as well and giving up some beauty Chinook upto 38 pounds.  Weapon of choice is still anchovy but the big boys were all caught trolling large herring either cutplugged or protrolled.  We may have a mooching summer ahead of us yet.  Coho are still being caught up at the top end of the islands and the Pinks are still ravaging anyone trolling through number 13.

Halibut and groundfishing was on the light side due to weather restrictions, but some really good fishing was had down towards Moore Island in the Turnip Patch.

Weather outlook for the upcoming trip is a million times better then today so looking forward to seeing the sun again.