July 13-2013

Largest Chinook : 42lbs.
Largest Halibut : 59lbs.

So fishing has been about level for the past few days.  Still a ton of Coho 7 to 12 pounds and Chinook in the 10-25 pound range.  Lots and lots of action out on the water, just not much for size...although they seemed to be getting bigger towards the tail end of this last trip.  The better spots to concentrate on nice springs have been the honey hole, arnies hole the dark side and beaver point.  And the good bites have been all based on the tide chage it seemed.  The Coho are caught every minute of the day it seems and not uncommon to land 40 in a day.  The best Chinook lures have been, TOmic 500 and 602 plugs, diamond lances, coyote party girls and green protrolls. 

The halibut fishing remains consistent in Parker Passage but wasnt out of this world like the past few weeks.  The ground fishing at Wells Rock and Isnor is still awesome.

The weather remains sunny and nice as it has been from the start of summer.  Looking forward to seeing those big guys roll in here in the next few weeks.