July 15-2017

Largest Chinook : 31lbs.
Largest Halibut : 65lbs.

This trip was a late starter, we had some adverse weather conditions....tons of rain the first couple of days which really brought in a huge number of good size Coho.  Catching in excess of 50 a day was not uncommon and the average size was 7-10 pounds with the occasional teenager.  This seemed to slow the chances on the Chinook at first as the Coho were so agressive on the bite.  Then on the later part of the trip the Chinook really caught some steam and took off, Honey Hole put up some good fish but Beaver Point on a slack tide had an incredible bite for 15-25 pound fish yesterday.  For the first time this year, Area 51 put up a good show for big boys with guys keeping fish all between 25-29 pounds with many in the high teens and low 20's released. Sailor Rock also had some incredible fishing at the slack.  Big tides during the day is mostly the cause for areas subject to big tidal current like Sailor Rock and Knob Hill turning on.  Halibut fishing was decent, little Haida Gwaii and the Pinnacle were almost a sure thing for big and small.  Bottomfishing was fairly tough because of the big tidal swings, almost impossible to stay on bottom without getting hung up instantly.  The tides are lessening throughout the week and weather is supposed to be fairly nice moving forward in this trip.