July 16-2011

Largest Chinook : 36lbs.
Largest Halibut : 60lbs.

The fishing yet again has been great.  There was a couple short dry spells over the past few days which were only apparent because of how good and consistant the Chinook and Coho bites have been over the last few weeks.  Most of the quieter fishing came as low pressure systems entered the area turning the bite off for a few hours. 

The Chinook bite was fairly wide spread again, lots of fish have been yet again taken from Kettle Inlet and Borrowman Bay.  Lots of good fishing was had at #7 and Arnie's Hole, Beaver Point and up at #5.  The fish are growing as well which is nice to see.  The amount of Tyees coming in was exponentially better then the trips prior, and those are just the ones that were landed.  A good number of fish tales about the big one getting away, even brought a tear to my eye.  Trolling down 30 - 60 feet pulling 6" Coyote or Tomic Spoons has been popular, but dragging Pro Trolls with bait has definitely been the most productive for size an quantity.  The cutpluggers in camp have done fairly well out on the water especially for size.  It seemed that although their tactics caught less fish and lost more, yet the landed fish were on average a lot bigger.  The coho fishing has been phenomenal at the top end of the islands.  Bombing up there for a quick kill has been a popular move, when the fishing has slowed down.

Not much to update on the bottom fishing front as not much took place due to weather, although we did have a couple of boats do incredibly well on halibut, drifting out by Moore Island and Parker Passage.  Great quantities and size.