July 17-2016

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 100lbs.

To break down fishing over the past few days; Halibut fishing remains great, lots of big hogs and now they are biting within a 2 minute run from the lodge.  Coho fishing is bananas up at the top end of the island, pinks still ravage the area especially at 13 and the Chinook fishing remains consistent.  Not the hottest fishing for Chinook we have seen in mid August, but guys are not having a problem taking their liimit out of high teens early twenty pound fish.  The tides are fairly light so we think the fish are fairly spread out, heavier tides seem to concentrate the fish in certain areas this year ie: far side, borrowman bay and have triggered some incredible bites, maybe the best we have seen in years.  Now with the lighter changes areas like number 5 and honey hole seemed to be the best bets to grind away in and pick up your slabs.  Borrowman Bay is still one of your best bets for early morning and late evening fishing, but number 5 offers the best action throughout the day with a mix of beauty coho and Chinook.  Anchovies prove to be the best approach, but changing up regularly to entice a bite seems to be very effective.  The difference between one color verse another in spoons or hoochie, even teaser head is definitely apparent based on the daily conditions. 

Weather has been windy on average, and now we are starting to see a real summer trend of winds from the northwest bringing in sun and dry weather, whcih is a big difference from the first half of the season which was really wet.  Honestly I think and this is just me that summer is a month late this year, the bulk of the summer run Chinook are not in as of yet, we are just seeing spurts of smaller chinook runs gearing up for the big flush of fish down the coast. 

All and all it has been a great season for us, and it will continue to do so as there is acres of bait out in the area and it is without a doubt pulling salmon into the area.  They can't pass up all that feed.