July 17-2017

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 54lbs.

One thing is for sure...the Coho are in.  We had probably the most action packed day a couple days ago I have ever seen.  Coho and Chinook were biting the hook as we were letting out line steady.  This did dampen the Chinook fishing on our side, but those who ground out Sailor Rock picked up some beautiful fish.  Honey Hole remained a great place to limit out, but Area 51 had some pretty darn good fishing for size and quantity...quick bites but good fish. Beaver Point did turn on as well for a couple of tides. 

Daisy chains(Kone Zones) have been definitely made catching anything a lot better, but the big fish were and have been caught on anchovy and flasher set ups. 

Halibut fishing remains consistant, sizes averaging 15-25 pounds have been yarded off Duckers consistantly and the Pinnacle has had probably the biggest fish in the last few days.  Bottomfishing has been a grind, and a great deal of fishers have opted on focusing on Salmon and Halibut as it has been much more active in the pursuit.