July 18-2018

Largest Chinook : 33lbs.
Largest Halibut : 120lbs.

A couple areas have heated up quite a bit in the past few days, AREA 51 is one of them offering anglers great fishing throughout the flood tide. Average size is 15-25 pounds and it's a little bit of a journey across the sound but well worth the trip when weather permits. On our side, the fish are a little spotty with quick bites had at areas like Turtle Rock, Abernathy Point(14) and Number 5. All fish over 30 have been caught in the regular fishing areas. Noticeably the fish are a little deeper, a few of the days all the fish were caught at 90-100', Chinook and Coho alike. The Coho are running a little slim in the area, we are praying for a little rain so the local rivers can fill up a little bit and get these guys moving. The top end of the islands and AREA 51 are putting up a few but not in numbers which are expected from past fishing years.

Bottom fishing has been remarkable out around Aranzazu Banks, halibut til you get sick of them and monster lingcod brought in daily. Cliffe Rock on the flood tide, which is fairly close to Rennison Island also has had some great fishing for Lingcod and Black Bass on a flood tide. Borrowman Bay and the Pinnacle for close in hali spots are a sure bet as well.

Weather remains dry and somewhat breezy from the North West and it is forecast this way for the next while.