July 2-2018

Largest Chinook : 31lbs.
Largest Halibut : 150lbs.

The past week has been great, challenges with windy conditions for a few days. When the weather calms the fishing is at it's finest for action. Definitely these last 7 days have proven to be more in line with expectations for July fishing, the fish are bigger with 6 Tyee coming in, they are active in various areas on the map and fairly aggressive when the bite comes on. Not picky on color as much as just being there when they start hitting.

The hotter areas are:
FUNKY ROCK- probably the best and most consistent for quantity and putting up some good 20 plus pound springs with occasional 30
RYAN'S HOLE-Number 9 on the map, has been great for short bites on some big boys at the tide changes
TURTLE ROCK- just starting to rev up, when the bait is there the fish are close behind, big fish and long bites
NUMBER 2(Sailor Rock)- still is a great place for a big guy, drop and pop right off the corner....usually a 25 plus is to be expected
HONEY HOLE- has picked up and as usual has put up the majority of Tyees so far
NUMBER 13(Wall Island)- Great place for quantity of Chinook and Coho

Coho fishing has gotten to a slow start, they move through in little pockets and if you are there you can tub out for the day in fairly limited time. They are not huge but do fill the fish box...again small sporadic pockets.

Halibut fishing, well we are crushing them. Chicken Ranch for great keeper size 12-30 pounds, Pinnacle and Russel Banks and number 7, best for size. More of the 40 plus pounders, have been brought off them...unfortunately max keeping size are about 40-45 pounds.

Ling Cod fishing has been great offshore and not that far out, Wells Rock to Isnor has been the go to for the boats, limits attained fairly easy with keepers between 12 and 35 pounds.