July 20-2012

Largest Chinook : 32lbs.
Largest Halibut : 129lbs.

Well the wind calmed down and we finally have been able to venture all over the area.  The salmon fishing seems to have been stirred up and is not as consistant as it was a week or two ago.  THe Chinook seem to be fairly spread out but the coho at times can be really thick.  This we think has hindered some of the Chinook fishing in some of the past hot spots this season.  There were nice fish still pulled out of Rennison Island...Arnie's Hole again held the biggest fish of the trip.  Some great fishing was had down at Funky Rock and Moore Island.  #5 had incredible fishing for Coho all through out the trip.  Dragging bright spoons(Chartreuse and Chrome) down 27-47 feet worked the best.

We managed to get out bottom fishing here in the past few days and it was fantastic, Spencer Banks and Isnor Rock gave up great catches of Snapper, Lingcod and Huge Halibut(129 pounds off Spencer Banks).