July 20-2013

Largest Chinook : 42lbs.
Largest Halibut : 90lbs.

Great weather and great fishing.  Again the area is full of Coho and everyone is having the time of their lives.  The Chinook are a little on the small side but offering up some pretty good action in the old favorite spots.  The Honey Hole, Ulric Point and across at McPhee have been the best spots for consistent Chinook bites usually in the morning and the evening.  We suspect that the bigger fish are not holding in the area for long as their stomachs have virtually nothing inside.  The Coho however are here to stay and are gorging themselves on the local forage fish.   Trolling spoons of all varieties, stinkeye and party girl and protrolling still are producing the nicest fish.

The halibut was consistent at the pinnacle and by moore island for the 15-25 pound class.  Offshore fishing for ling cod and halibut is still fanastic around the Wells Rock and Isnor Area.

Weather remains awesome and is looking good in the forecast.