July 20-2016

Largest Chinook : 39lbs.
Largest Halibut : 100lbs.

Where to begin, the past few days have been all over the place and we have as well.  Fishing got a little bleak a few days ago, still lots of Coho then the Chinook started to dwindle so the boys got out adventuring in the last couple of days and boy did they find them.  Huge fish being brought in from Area 55 from across the sound, Tyee, lots in the high twenties, bigger ones lost and tons of crazy Chinook action.  The area they were fishing was kind of uncharacteristic of where we usually fish, they found a big flat...all under 40 feet of water and it was full of bait and big feeding Springs and Halibut.  Lots of the guides said they have never been on a bite that was so good for so long...ever.  Our regular fishing area has been sluggish so most boats are making the trek over weather permitting.  Still the use of anchovies is the most popular by far, imitating the bait size seems to be the ticket to success, and well being in the right place at the right time.

Halibut fishing remains strong in Borrowman Bay and the Pinnacle, still big fish coming in regularly down anywhere from 250-300 feet of water.

Offshore grounds literally haven't been touched in the past week, most anglers have been chasing Springs especially big ones, now that we have started to land the.

Weather is still windy and wet, we had a couple nice days but back to the never ending rain shower called 2016.