July 21-2010

Largest Chinook : 48lbs.
Largest Halibut : 60lbs.

The high pressure system has remained overhead, but the winds that usually come along with those conditions only irritated fishing on the first afternoon.  The fishing for the past few days was great.  There was consistent bites for Chinook through out the day and the Coho are still biting all day long.  Again a great deal of fishing was done in Parker Passage when the weather permitted and on the east side of Rennison Island.  Using bait in teaser heads has been one of the more productive methods in catching the spring because the fishermen were going down to almost 70 feet at times to entice a bite.  Coyote Spoons are still working great, Watermelon and Party Girl were some of the better producers.  And of course the last morning had the best bites of all, showing lots of good indicators that big fish are on their way in.

The bottomfishing was set to the sidelines this past trip but the weather is turning and there is forecast calm waters ahead.