July 22-2011

Largest Chinook : 29lbs.
Largest Halibut : 147lbs.

Well as far as weather as goes, we saw the worst day of the summer and the best day.  The fronts coming in have been up and down like a yo-yo.  Weather aside the fishing was still consistant and plentiful.  The Chinook are still relatively small in comparison to years past but have been super active in the area.  Borrowman bay has been absolutely hot, Kettle Inlet runs a close second and Arnie's Hole has also produced a good quantity of fish.  The Coho action is still phenomenal up at the top end of Rennison Island,  crazy bites have gone on where you can not have a hook in the water without a Coho jumping on for a ride.  The fishing are biting on everything from cut plug to spoons, same colors are still working, Party Girl, Army Truck and Chrome Diamond Lances have been favoured among the anglers. 

Bottomfishing was fantastic out at Towner Banks, limits of Snapper and Lingcod were brought in regularly from off shore.  Moore Island has also been a hotspot for a mix of ling, snapper and halibut.  This last trip was a big hali trip for sure.  Two over 100 pounds were caught in Parker Passage, one over 100 was unintentionally released at Moore Island.  And a few guys lost some barn doors out at Towner, never seen but as big as they come.