July 23-2013

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 70lbs.

The fishing remained about the same for the most part for the past few days.  Mostly attributed to this high pressure system which has laid stagnant over central coast.  The water was fairly murky and the fishermen had to go increasingly deeper and deeper to catch Chinook.  However.....a little rain hit us this morning and almost in an instant killed the algae blooms which have been plaguing our shallow bays and inlets and now the Chinook have shown up on the inside waters.  Not all fish are in but there has been a good deal of nice Chinook brought to the dock already this morning.  A little pressure change has triggered these fish to start feeding on the bait in the area.  Looking forward to the next few days, hopefully it is soggy and full of hog sized Chinook.

Access to the offshore grounds has been unlimited, calm waters have allowed our anglers to pound on lingcod and snapper plus hook up with some nice halibut.  Wells Rock, Isnor and Aranzazu Banks have been by far the best.

Halibut fishing has been "OK" we are still searching for the next hotspot to clean house on keeper size halibut.  Watch out if we find it cause it is gonna hurt.