July 25-2014

Largest Chinook : 47lbs.
Largest Halibut : 120lbs.

Good few days on Aristazabal.  The fishing was consistant in the past little while and calm enough that when the salmon stopped biting everyone could head offshore and slay the snapper, lingcod and monster halibut(released of course).

The Honey Hole once again has been the best spot to put in your time.  Trolling herring in teaser heads, protrolls or slowing it down with a cutplug generated the best bites for both good size coho and chinook.  Today one of the boats brought in a monster pair of spring coming in at 38 and 47 pounds.  One of our well seasoned patrons (a guy who has bared witness to many hogs) lost what they figure was close to 60 pounds feet from the boat, well more feet then the net was anyway.  So the big ones are in and the water is getting lively out there with all species of salmon, even sockeye showing up.

The offshore fishing was fantastic, limits of ling and snapper were easily acquired in a five hour period out on Evans and Janion Rocks.  Wells Rock with a hotspot for big Halis producing a half dozen over 50 and one released measured in at 120 pounds. 

Good turn around from the past couple of trips, looking forward to the days coming up.