July 25-2015

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 215lbs.

Remarkable fishing was had up here the past few days(I have to find new words to describe how good it really is), there is a ton of Chinook around and all good size(people are pitching back teenagers) and the Coho fishing is crazy.  The fish are everywhere where they have been this season and it really doesn't matter what you toss at them.  Cutplugging, protrolling, anchovy heads and running gear has all worked and they are still hanging around the honey hole to #5 and the east side of Rennison. 

The bottom fishing when we could get out was great as well, again the wind held us to the inside for the past couple of days.  Hali fishing was great better then it has been, sizes were coming in great, two over 100# were released on the trip.  The biggest being 74" long or about 215#. 


Again a really good trip, feels like the old days.