July 25-2016

Largest Chinook : 42lbs.
Largest Halibut : 140lbs.

Big Trip.  Great fishing these past few days.  Heavy loads hitting the docks each day.  The weather started out real bad and for the past couple of days were real nice, so we were all over the map fishing for salmon and bottom fish. 

Salmon fishing was fantastic, at first all we could catch were Chinook out across the sound in Area 51, they were plentiful and big.  Then as the days progressed we had some great bites closer to home at the Far Side, number 5 and a monster caught in the Honey Hole.  Halibut fishing also was incredible over on the other side of the sound, all sizes including a big 140# release.  Bottomfishing was great as well, flat sunny conditions opened access all over the map and we definitely took advantage of it.  Big snapper and Lingcod catches were brought in from Towner Banks, Spencer and Aranzazu.  Pretty remarkab;e how much fish could be brought in in a 48 hour period and it still is not done.

Flasher anchovy rigs still seem to be best producing by far, some spoons have been working but small bait has worked the best.  Coho have been snatching up hoochies left right and center up at #13.