July 25-2017

Largest Chinook : 120lbs.
Largest Halibut : 36lbs.

Fishing has yet to disappoint, salmon are still feeding in the area in waves.  This summer has been the most consistent for steady supply of salmon in the past decade for sure.  Area 51 and Turtle Rock have been the best areas to hit for the Chinook bites.  51 definitely has the quantity with showings of larger fish everyday, also some good coho action has been had as well.  Turtle Rock has been where the hog hunters have been going into for a good shot at 30 plus pound fish.  Arnie's Hole has been a popular stop point for a quick troll as well usually giving up fish in the high 20's.  #13 and the tack from 4-5 have been bombarded with Coho for the past month, the odd Chinook is being caught up there but the Coho have been so aggressive that it's hard to get through them to get to the Chinook when they are there.  Most fishers are still running anchovies, which match the size of bait in the area.  Often varied speeds at 35-55 feet depending on area has worked to entice the fish.  Flashers have been used religiously(usually green) but daisy chains are becoming a very popoluar item on the boats and catching some beauty Chinook.  Reports are that some spoons have been working as well such as Army Trucks and Irish Cream, protrolled herring is also working in certain spots and generally has a better chance of catching Tyee but does dissuade the smaller teenage size fish from biting so it can be a long span between hits.

Halibut fishing has been pretty dang good, but the anglers targeting them are doing a drop and bop approach, this is mainly due to the large tides during the day.  Hitting pinnacles and banks and giving it upto an hour is all that is spent in each spot.  Most of the halibut have been caught in the open water which is also very dependant on weather and water conditions for success.

Great trip with great weather and aside from some forecasted rain tonight, it drops back to another amazing forecasted few days.