July 26-2018

Largest Chinook : 38lbs.
Largest Halibut : 170lbs.

Fishing has been about par for the course this summer. Springs are still plentiful with an average size between 12-18 pounds with some big boys moving in a little more regularly. Unlike other years where there is a consistent bite at the same spots throughout the season, this year seems to be more of a chase and requires fishermen to be a great deal more adaptable in their fishing tactics to get the fish, whether it is depth variations or reading movement of the fish with the tides. We have fished more spots this year that never were fished before for sure. New spots in the last week that have popped up are Baker Wall(a couple miles around the top of Number 5), Triple Islands on the east side of Aristazabal Island and Slowput Point. The fish seems to be holding in Laredo Channel and feeding there throughout the day. On Rennison Island are 6 to 14 has also been really consistent for Chinook and Coho catches. Coho are still in fairly scarce supply, unusual for this time of year. Average catch ratio this year is probably 10:1 Chinook to Coho on the line, when in most years it is the opposite. Trolling anchovy at all depths with flasher or daisy chain has definitely been more successful then any other tactic, flasher/hoochies have proved to be productive at times as well. Flasher colors have been leaning to green, white and black. Preferred Teaser Head colors have been speckle back, 602 and peanut butter.

Ground fishing remains strong, ling cod catches are remarkable this year off shore and halibut fishing is picking back up as new spots are being discovered. Hardest part is finding one small enough to keep at this point. Lots of fish being hooked in the 65 -150 pound range.

Weather remains clear with some windy NW days, we are praying for a little rain to hopefully bring in the Coho closer to the island. Need some water in these creeks to get them moving a little. Hasn't rained at our location in over a month and not looking like it will for another week.