July 27-2011

Largest Chinook : 47lbs.
Largest Halibut : 85lbs.

Well again another roller coaster ride for weather these past few days...when you show up don't be afraid of the pale appearance of the staff, they are not deathly sick as it may look, we just haven't seen the sun in a few weeks.  Weather aside, the fishing is still great.  And by great I mean steady salmon action all day long with the daily bite at all the regular hotspots.  Still topping the list is Borrowman Bay with Kettle and the Darkside in close seconds.  Although, since we are pounding the same grounds so regular some of the guides have ventured south and found some real good fishing down at little Kettle and Clifford Bay.  Chrome is the color of choice out there which has a lot to do what the salmon are eating, which is smaller herring and needlefish.  Other patterns which are working are still Army Truck, Party Girl and now Watermelon. 

The bottomfishing has been fairly productive out at Towner Banks, but there has been some great new spots found around Moore Island and Anderson Island for pretty much all the species.  Parker Passage has once again spit out the biggest halibuts of the trip.